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We Offer Forex Trading Services,
But What Is a Trader ?

VEXTrader enjoys a good reputation in the industry, with prestigious clients spreading over Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand.

The headquarters of VEXTrader is located in Hong Kong to capture opportunities in the fast-growing financial market of Southeast Asia.

Automated Trading Solutions

The automated trading solutions of Mirror Trader and RoboX to its top tier brokers and other institutional clients. Mirror Trader is a smart automated trading system which gains popularity over years in Japan.

The Best Two Programs in Trading Services

The professionals who deep into buying and selling on the Forex market are known as traders.

VEXTrader offers several different Forex Programs for trading in order the investors can diversify as much a possible their investments.

Our Forex investment programs

If you want to invest in forex market but you don’t have time to learn how to trade forex, forex managed accounts are what you are looking for.

Investment Program 1 is a very profitable strategy based in Forex fundamental analysis for trading the ‘News’. This ‘News strategy’ has several months of high profits annually with a controlled low Drawdown.

It has only few precise trades every month. It gets high accumulated annual profits with an accurate low risk.

Name investment strategy: News
Cumulative profits: 2,614%
Average monthly profits: 9.66%
Inception date: April 2015
Investment strategy: Fundamental trading system (News strategy)
USA citizens allowed: Yes (minimum 50k)
Brokerage: In different brokers (Australia, UK, Europe)
Asset class: Major currencies
Platform: MT4
Minimum investment: $10,000 USD
Performance Fee: 50%

Investment Program 2 (version x6) is a low-risk long-term Forex strategy that has maintained an average 7% of monthly profits and well-balanced 7% of maximum DD.

This profitable strategy uses machine learning for analysing an alternative data universe which includes global real-time Forex market sentiment for a trading instrument derived from several private sources across all levels of markets participants.

This strategy is a combination of fundamental and traditional technical indicators and methods beside discretionary human application of all orders execution.

Name investment strategy: Sentex
Cumulative profits: 52%
Average monthly profits: 1.05%
Inception date: October 2016
Investment strategy: Marketing Sentiment
USA citizens allowed: Yes (from 500k)
Brokerage: VantageFX
Asset class: Major currencies
Platform: MT4
Minimum investment: $500,000
Performance Fee: 25%(500k+)//20%(1M+)

Investment Program 3 is a profitable trend follower/intraday strategy made with a selection of several successful strategies that when are combined it gives a steady profitable performance with a controlled DrawDown.

This steady profitable strategy gets months of more than 20% profits at year. Those high profits months average with other periods with lower profits, getting an average monthly profit of around 10%.

Name investment strategy: Profitable Balanced
Cumulative profits: 528%
Average monthly profits: 9.47%
Inception date: October 2016
Investment strategy: Intrady. Major currencies
USA citizens allowed: Yes
Brokerage: IC Markets and VantageFX
Platform: MT4
Minimum investment: $5,000 (actual risk) or $3,000 (risk x2)
Performance Fee: (risk x1)35%(5k+)//30%(25k+)//25%(50k+)
Performance Fee: (risk x2)35%(3k+)//30%(15k+)//25%(25k+)

Global Trading Services, Wanted To Trader With You.

In this context, our approach was to build trusted and strategic relationships within key sectors, with the goal of advancing health, trade and business outcomes.

Market mood remains upbeat ahead of all-important FED rate decision

Risk flows dominate the financial markets early Wednesday as investors remain hopeful for a diplomatic solution to the Russia-Ukraine crisis

Vextrader Group Partners with Liberty Markets on Liquidity Integration

Vextrader an international regulated broker provider of foreign exchange, CFD trading, cryptocurrencies and related services, has today launched an API-powered

VexTrader Is Your Best Leading Forex Trading In Malaysia

Since 2011, we at VexTrader have been improving our services and approaches towards clients. It has always been our mission to assist clients, regardless of their situation, and making sure that they are using the best medium for Forex Malaysia. We also improved our way of reaching the clients by making sure our brand is available on many kinds of technologies including mobile applications on Google Playstore and Apple Store, that serves the best quality with helpful information for you. As your priorities are ours, we would like to offer you only the best at VexTrader, and if you haven’t signed up with us, sign up now as we have many best deals to share with you!

With 10 years of experience as a pioneer in trading Forex Malaysia and CFD trading, you can definitely count on our knowledge and skills in making you one of our best Forex traders in Malaysia. Throughout our whole journey of being VexTrader, many people put their trust in us, and thankfully they are very happy to share their experiences and thoughts that made us one of the trusted broker Forex. Not to mention we could offer you the best tools and plugins, the lowest spread Forex broker, the fastest and easiest way of transactions and withdrawals for you. We will ensure safety, benefits, and success in the process of you making your own trading.

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Trusted Automated Forex Trading In Malaysia Solutions

With creative and innovative minds at VexTrader, we decided to spend millions of dollars and countless hours to develop a solution that is marketed under our brand as an automated trading solution to enable clients to be a successful Forex trader in Malaysia while doing their tradings with the right accuracy. This development is specifically created for our clients to utilize. 

CFD Trading Medium

CFD Trading medium normally consists of a hundred CFD Trading financial mediums which include Forex Malaysia, Precious Metal, Crude Oil, Indices, and Shares are the places where investors would have access to invest based on their individual properties. 

These mediums can all be merged into one platform and serve you better quality in services and opportunities to all the investors in the CFD trading platform.


Currency pairs are common in Forex Malaysia because you can do majors, crossover strategies, and exotics. Not only that, but you can also do ultra-tight spreads on many major pairs such as EUR/USD, USD/JPY, and GBP/USD.

Precious Metal

High liquid investments are also worth investing in, so if you are interested in gold and silver trading, you can start trading with us at VexTrader. 

Crude Oil

The crude oil trade is one of the popular tradings nowadays as it is a finite resource, the demand and supply changes in the oil industry attract many investors’ attention, thus, you can definitely join us and become a top Forex trader Malaysia


Be a CFD broker, here, where you can find a variety of indices shares in CFD trading especially from the US, Europe, and Asia. 

Shares CFDs

There are many options in shares for you that comes from many famous and reliable enterprises.

Top Forex Malaysia Strategies 

Only with VexTrader, you are able to learn these Forex Malaysia strategies and these strategies will help you trade better, smarter, and become a successful Forex trader in Malaysia.

VexTrader Matrix

VexTrader Matrix is a well-developed strategy and profitable for our clients and you. It is based on Forex fundamental analysis for ‘News’ trading. What you can expect from this ‘News Strategy’ is, it has high profits in several months annually with low Drawdown controls. 

Although VexTrader Matrix has only a few accuracies of trades every month, it always collects high annual profits and with the assurance of low risks. 

VexTrader Prism

VexTrader Prism is the strategy that most of our clients love because it has low risks and for a long-term investment in Forex Malaysia because the monthly profits can be maintained by 7% on average and a well-balanced maximum DD by 7% as well. 

We use machine learning to analyze all the possible data that includes the real-time Forex spread market observations globally for trading tools to derive from several private sources from all our market participations. 

The merge of foundation and traditional measurement techniques with ways besides optional human applications of all orders execution. 

VexTrader Paladin

VexTrader Paladin is an IntraDay or follower trend, strategically developed with other successful strategies that it is merged, it gives an amazing performance and profits that also controlled by the Drawdown. 

This steadiness of this strategy makes it profitable as it could get more than 20% profits for months in a year. Whereas the other average high profits in months and periods of low profits get an average of 10% for their monthly profit.

Security In Investment

We have received much feedback regarding the safety of funding here at VexTrader, the best Forex platform Malaysia. With that, we can assure you that all your account funds and transactions are secured with full protection from our team.

If you have any doubts about investing with us, our clients have given us the reasons why we could be your trusted broker Forex Malaysia.

Segregated Funds

We make sure that our client’s funds are fully separated from operational funds of the company and kept in different banks as well. Additionally, we also have only regulatory authorities to have the funds audited.

Finance Operation Safety 

Our clients could do their withdrawals at ease when they identify accounts’ ownership with our self-developed automotive accounting system. 

Instant And Secure Transactions

Clients feel secured and protected with completed transaction procedures at VexTrader. We offer efficient automatic procedures and can be proven on your withdrawal speed and accuracy.

Multiple Funds Guarantees

VexTrader has fulfilled the national legal requirements and the international finance standards that allow professional investors to have secured investments with specified trading regulations.

Let VexTrader Help Your Financial Future 

Success is assured to whoever works for it, but with the help from VexTrader, you can be a successful Forex trader in Malaysia with lesser struggles. Grab this opportunity now and let us lift your financial height, higher!