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What is Spot Metal Trading?

Spot metal trading is exchanging a spot metal – Gold or Silver – for a currency. For example, a trader might choose to trade Silver against the Euro (XAGEUR) or Gold against the British Pound (XAUGBP).

Traders who exchange spot metals online make use of precious metal price charts, using long-term and short-term charts to decide where they think the price may go next.

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Trading precious metals with Vextrader

With Vextrader, you can trade CFDs on gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

You’ll find quotes for all our precious metals on our trading platform. When you take a position, you’re speculating on the metal’s rise or fall in value, rather than taking actual ownership. If your prediction is correct, you’ll make a profit. If not, you’ll make a loss.

Strength of the Dollar

Given that the precious metals are dollar-denominated, they are particularly susceptible to the value of the greenback.

When the dollar falls, precious metals are both a good place to store its value and less costly for other countries to purchase – meaning it is likely to push the price of precious metals higher.


Economic Uncertainty

In times of economic and political instability, precious metals are traditionally viewed as safe havens due to their lasting value.

We saw this theory in action when Donald Trump’s election caused gold to rally, as nervous investors flocked towards its market security.

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