[FeatureWeekly] As US Dollar Remains Unsure, Vextrader Reassures Investors

BELIZE – Looking at seasonal factors, May should have been the best month of the year for the US Dollar. This year, however, the Dollar’s price action has faced a negative influence from rising expected inflation, and stagnant yields from the US Treasury. The Federal Reserve has also started what experts are calling the “tantrumless taper,” decreasing its stimulus.

The Dollar’s bias going into the month of June looks uncertain, and many investors are concerned about the effects of the Fed’s tapering stimulus. Vextrader offers help to investors in uncertain times like this, with expertise and experience in the financial industry. Vextrader offers a variety of trading options including currency pairs, majors, crosses, and exotics to make sure that investors can withstand shifts like the current one in the Forex market.

Vextrader offers investment trading options, including a Forex Managed Funds Program, allowing investors a chance to reap the benefits of the Forex market, while not having to become experts themselves. They have a team of financial experts, as well as new, innovative, state-of-the-art trading software to make sure investors can stay ahead of the market and grow their funds. Vextrader has also expanded outside the Forex market, offering the opportunity to invest in stock portfolios like Google, Amazon, Facebook, and others.

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