[Featured in WRCBtv Media Outlet] Vextrader Assisting Investors Make Profitable Trades Amid Pandemic

June 19, 2020 – Belize – After the pandemic outbreak throughout the world, just as the world is starting to rebuild and battle against it, the economic crisis appears no less as a virus affecting all. However, the Forex sector seemed to turn in favor of USD meeting demand amidst the run for safety.

The North American trade market witnessed an insignificantly lower USD on Monday morning. Worries of a second wave of the COVID-19 virus held the markets on a risk-off as the USD secured after a notch higher overnight on a sell-off in risk assets.

The Dollar Index which measures the USD against a hoop of rivals ranked the USD at 97.060, which is 0.12% lower. However, the American dollar settled far over the previous week’s three-month low. Likewise, the risk assets also predominantly endured higher as concerns of increasing infections prompted investors into safe options; the dollar.

Vextrader, a forex broker, anticipated the rise of the USD against other currencies with a managed funds program. Its traders helped investors generate profits amounting to as high as seven figures. The trading market can be regarded as the spine or can be referred to as a gateway between economies. Forex trading is an important trading area as investors can turn to forex exchange in times of high-risk equity or commodity trading.

Vextrader has developed a trading technology that has all known and effective trading strategies. This trading technology is called Vexwin. Vexwin houses thousands of trading strategies and methods and with the help of their algorithmic risk manager, the target risk level is regulated to a substantial 5-10%

Vexwin is an automated trading solution with extensive machine learning and AI.

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