[Featured in US Share Markets Media Outlet] Once Again the Dollar Emerges on the Losing Track

Aug 7, 2020 – Belize – Friday started on a profitable note for the dollar during the early hours. However, the dollar started taking a fall and by the US trading hours, it was back on the losing track. At the start of the month and without a clear reason, the greenback appreciated it beyond position adjustment.

The poor interest for the dollar could be simply reflected when the GBP/USD duo was at 1.30 while the EUR/USD set saw buyers at around 1.17. Considering the position of the dollar, the improving progress of the USD seems as if it has come to a halt and has no reason for improvement.

The fluctuations in the currency have to be predicted forehand in order to make the most out of it and Vextrader did so. Vextrader is a broker in the trading market and foresaw this and previous surges in the market and helped its investors in earning quantitative profits.

With the founder’s expertise not only in trading platforms of private banks but in the online trading world as well, combined with Vextrader trading technology Vexwin, Vextrader extends world-class service to its clients. The advanced and trusted technology Vexwin has been implemented in fortune 500 companies to safeguard its client’s reserves and privacy.

Vextrader offers services on 50 of the most prevalent currency pairs and commodities like Gold, Crude oil, and Contract for Differences CFDs.


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