[Featured in Stock News Media Outlet] Vextrader Rescues Investors as Dollar Bounces Off Six-week Low

Belize – On Tuesday, the dollar bounced back off from its six-week lows, this shift set in when the commodity-linked currencies passed by near multi-year highs. Although due to the reflation trade there was a lift observed in U.S. government bond yields that elevated the greenback until earlier this month till the Dollar resumed its fall. The result reflected in the last recorded dollar index that was at 90.143, up 0.1% on the day, having earlier fallen to 89.941, its weakest since Jan. 13.

Vextrader, a forex broker anticipated these fluctuations in the US Dollar against its rival currencies. This enabled them to save their investor’s substantial amount of money. Similarly, the traders at Vextrader provided crucial assistance to their investors when the Dollar was experiencing a surge that reflected in sizeable amounts of profit made by their investors from Forex trading. The Forex trading business is one of the biggest markets places for investing money and making enormous profits by means of currency exchange. Above all, it is a market that bridges global economies.

The reason behind Vextrader’ secret of anticipating the currency trends was a result of their top-of-the-line trading technology. The “Vexwin” technology comprises the best trading strategies along with thousands of methodologies helping with forex trading. In addition to this, Vexwin technology brings about automated trading solutions that hold the immense potential of extensive machine learning as well as Artificial Intelligence. On account of this, Vexwins‘ algorithmic risk manager can regulate risk level to a staggering 5-10%.


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