[Featured in Newsok Media Outlet] Vextrader Ensure Profitable Trading Solutions as EUR/USD Loses The Grip Amid Growing Covid 19 Concerns

The pair goes down on Monday and exchanges nearer to the 1.1800 marks as market participants stay one-sided towards the safe heavens. The rising pandemic worries over the worldwide monetary recuperation keep on-lend backing to the interest for the safe haven, leaving the pair’s topside fairly limited.

Also, The USD index has stopped around the 92.70-75 zone in the wake of plunging over the past four days, from levels close to 94.00.USDJPY has steadied during the 104.00s in the wake of dropping 1.1% yesterday, which is a surprisingly large magnitude of movement for this currency pairing by the standards of ongoing years. Forex markets are observing the U.S. Dollar clearly the strongest major currency, while the Australian Dollar and precious metals have weakened.

The outlook of the forex market is volatile and is difficult to gauge. Also, the prospects for each pair will depend on how quickly life and economic activity returns to normal from this global pandemic. For investors, they can take advantage of volatility in the forex market by trading forex pairs that stand to either gain or fall during the pandemic. Vextrader forecasted the currency fluctuations and their positions against each other to fetch the optimum profits to their client to ensure secure and gainful trade for the investors. It has proven a lifesaver for them in uncommon time with predicting and breaking down the market vacillations and receiving the rewards out safely.


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