[Featured in MorningNews Media Outlet] Vextrader Rescues Investors as Dollar stands steady

Belize – The dollar on Thursday, has edged higher than of its nadir going all-time high since last three years. The dollar index rose 0.2% to 89.567 in early London trade, against which the Australian dollar slipped 0.3% to 77.792 U.S. and the euro was down 0.2% at $1.23030, after climbing to $1.2349.

Early Thursday, although considering the turmoil on Wednesday, the Money market remained unflustered at large. This took a turn for the better for investors as a window of opportunity emerged raising hopes.

Vextrader, a forex broker forecasted the outcomes and impact of this event and the results thereby enabled their traders to help the investors gain optimum dividend through their managed funds program. The Forex trading business is one of the largest financial markets and act as a bridge to link economies where buying and selling of currencies take place, providing opportunities to investors to earn.

Vextraders’ expertise in forecasting these currency fluctuations is driven by their exceptional trading technology. This trading technology is formulated keeping in mind the best trading strategies in the world. “Vexwin” is the name of the technology which is deployed by vex traders. Vexwin comprises more than thousands of strategies and methodologies and is AI is enabled, capable of extensive machine learning offering an automated trading solution. Owing to Vexwins algorithmic risk manager it has made it possible to bring regulate risk level up to only 5-10%.

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