[Featured in InvestorPlace Outlet] Vextrader Saves Investors as Dollar Deteriorates; Possible Vaccine Raises Risk Thought

Belize – On Thursday, at early European trade, the US Dollar witnessed a drop with forex traders inclined towards recognized riskier currencies between expectation enclosing a possible COVID vaccine along with substantial financial data.

The dollar index, which ranks the USD against a rim of rivals, ranked the dollar at a 0.2% low that is at 97.013, early Thursday morning. While the US Dollar/ Japanese Yen was at a flat 107.50, the Euro/ US Dollar was high by 0.2% at 1.1272 and the Pound Sterling/ US Dollar also rose by 0.2% at 1.2493.

Late Wednesday, news came that a possible COVID vaccine Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech yielded an assertive outcome at the initial human trials. This boosted enthusiasm that a remedy for a virus that has decimated over 500,000 people and affected more than 10 million people around the world can be attained.

Vextrader, a forex broker foresaw the fluctuation of the US Dollar versus other currencies with their managed funds program. The traders at Vextrader assisted investors to earn optimum profits. Earlier when the dollar witnessed a surge, investors with forex trader’s recorder profits totaling to seven figures. The Forex trading business is perceived as a bridge linking economies. Forex is a major trading area, the reason behind it is that investors can rely on currency exchange when a time of high-risk emerges.

Vextraders’ secret behind predicting currency fluctuations is its exceptional trading technology. This trading technology comprises all the best trading strategies. Vextrader named this technology as Vexwin which houses thousands of strategies and methodologies pertaining to forex trading. Vexwin technology serves as an automated trading solution that is capable of extensive machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. Because of Vexwins algorithmic risk manager, the risk level is regulated to an actual 5-10%.

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