China’s Foreign Minister Wang warns US Presi. Biden to treadfully on Taiwan – Bloomberg

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi urged US President Joe Biden’s administration to stop meddling into Beijing affairs while warning them to tread carefully on the Taiwan issue, Bloomberg reported on Sunday.

Key quotes
“There was no room for compromise or concessions in Beijing’s claim to sovereignty over the democratically ruled island.”

“It is important that the United States recognizes this as soon as possible.”

“Otherwise, the world will remain far from tranquil.”

“I hope China and the U.S. restarting cooperation on climate change can also bring a positive change of climate to bilateral ties.”

“China and Europe are two important players in this multipolar world. The relationship is equal. It is open. It is not targeting any third party or controlled by anyone else.”

On trade, “the answer is not to retreating to protectionism, isolation or decoupling, but to work together to make globalization open, inclusive, balanced and beneficial for all.”


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