Indices Trading

Start trading stock indices from around the world.


What Are Indices?

Stock index CFDs are financial instruments that represent the value of the underlying publicly-traded companies. One leading index is the S&P 500, which reflects the collective value of top companies trading on the NYSE.

If the overall value of those companies’ shares rises, the price of the S&P 500 will go up.

Why Trade CFDs?

CFD index trading offers a number of benefits to the online trader.

Trading CFDs (Contracts for Difference) allows you to buy or sell financial instruments without actually owning the underlying asset. These could be commodities, stock, or in the case of stock index CFDs, the value of the underlying indices.

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Trading Indices Online

Trading indices online is a great way to speculate on the world’s top financial markets and keep abreast of the top stock markets.

Indices are financial derivatives that are calculated as a weighted average of share prices of top performing companies listed on the exchange.

Stock Indices in Financial Markets

Stock indices track and measure particular baskets of related stocks. With thousands of stock trading on the various major exchanges.

Indices provide an accurate and efficient way for investors to reliably track overall market sentiment as well as to benchmark against their individual stocks portfolios.


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